Luxurious living all across the globe, always carries a high price tag but Revanta Officers Boulevard has altered it a bit through innovative offerings. By introducing the concept of comfortable luxury, in the heart of the city, Revanta Officer Boulevard is all set to be a game changer in the real estate arena in Delhi. High quality construction coupled with impeccable design and personalization makes it a clutter breaking proposition for buyers to consider. Delhi Master Plan of 2021 is critical for the future of Delhi and will be a defining moment for the city as its earlier avatar was in 1962. With its present population of 1.83 crores and five lakh people entering the city every year for education or work, the city will touch a population of 2.28 crores in 2023 and this master plan is conceived to handle all the glitches that may arise with such a gargantuan population.

Revanta Officers Boulevard: The Pride of L Zone in Delhi!

Whether you are an end-user or buying it for an investment purpose, you would appreciate the fact that Revanta group has an enviable track record of completing projects on time and within budget. Revanta Officers Boulevard was one of the first projects it had undertaken ever since the Land Pooling Policy was announced by the government in line with the new master plan of Delhi that aims to decongest Delhi by creating 25 lakh new residential units in an area spread over 22, 979 hectares that comes under the L-zone.

It aims to make land-owing farmers an active participant in the growth and development of the city and partake in the fruits of success as the city progresses to become a world-class metropolis on the lines of Dubai and Shanghai.

Proximity to Gurgaon and Dwarka Expressway are the two main high points of this project apart from the fact that it is close to South Delhi. In common man’s parlance this area is called as Dwarka Extension.Don’t wait for prices to drop; invest today and secure your kid’s future before it gets out of reach.

Revanta Officers


Part of Delhi Smart City L-Zone (Dwarka Ext.)

The Zone L of Western Delhi has already been advertising, to become a well know centre of attraction for residents in Delhi in near future who will be in search of a new and improved home with all modern amenities. The whole property comprises of an enormous area of 22.979 hectares and is situated in the close proximity of the posh area of South Delhi and is very nearby to IGI International Airport and Gurgaon. As we have already discussed that Boulevard is equipped to render every modern amenities and high profile infrastructure, and an elite experience of living. We are planning to uplift the existing standard of living. And upcoming project- Diplomatic 2 Enclave will further enhance this standard.

When it comes to easy communication, we haven't compromised it either. NH-10/ Rohtak Road have passed by the northern zone of the property, and Dwarka Sub-City is situated just beside its eastern border. The proximity factor with other parts of the City has increased its value as a proper and convenient place to live in. And because of all these favourable factors, it's on its way to becoming a preferable destination to live in for Delhiites in the next 5 years. The sole purpose and main goal behind the ideation and designing of this L- Zone is to check the living space constraining issue in Delhi. If you are looking for a proper, convenient place to live in, or just want to invest in some profit-producing real estate project then it's the right time and place to invest in L- Zone.

A proper planning as per the land use plan from Master Plan Delhi 2021 has acknowledged and designated the green belt along the border of NCT boundary with the annexation of all villages in the area. The plans of previously built farmhouses are sanctioned and permitted as per the conditions of master Plan of 1962 and 2001. But the provisions of Master Plans of Delhi 2021 are amended version of previous MPD and according to MPD 2021 development of any farmhouse are only permitted in the land pooling policy zone and we are planning to build farmhouses in this government designated zone. With this government has allotted 900 acres place for building artificial water bodies. And with all these the L-Zone is ready to arise as one of the most convenient residential sites for the citizens of Delhi.

Part of Delhi Smart City L-Zone (Dwarka Ext.)

1. Closer to South Delhi and Gurgaon

2. Closest to Biggest IT, Industrial and Educational Hub Gurgaon / Manesar / Daruhera

3. It will have Metro connectivity (Existing Metro station at Sector 21 Dwarka)

4. New Diplomatic Enclave near L zone (Work already in progress)

5. Many Gated Farm-House complexes are coming up in this zone

6. Third Outer Ring Road - UER-II and III to pass through the Zone

7. Largest Ayurvedic Hospital operational in this zone

8. Branch of AIIMS already operational in adjoining area at Jhajjar

9. DSIIDC is developing a 77.50 acre knowledge based industry

10. All roads will be in between 45 mts to 80 mts wide

11. Proposed Cricket Stadium near L zone

12. Proposed Exhibition-cum Convention Centre near L zone

Healthcare Facilities

A hierarchy of health facilities/hospitals has been proposed to meet the requirement of 20 lakh population of the zoneand to provide 5 hospitals – beds per thousand population.

Educational Facilities

To enable optimum utilization of resources and available education infrastructure need, the zone L of West Delhi is contemplated to be a major hub for population in the near future. The zone covers an area formulate policies and norms have been recognized in the Master Plan. Also, land measuring about 53.6 hectares is to be kept of 22,979 hectares and is located in the South West Delhi, hence is closest to South Delhi.

Sport Facilities

The zone is decked with elite amenities and has access to the upcoming Delhi’s largest Golf Course. The In the zone, a site of about 17 hectares already exists for sports training institute. New sports facilities is surrounded by NH-10/Rohtak Road and Railway line in the North and Dwarka Sub-City in the East. Being the best provided in the zone in a hierarchy of divisional sports centre / Golf Course, District Sports Centre and Community most well-connected zone of the city

makes L Zone a highly sought after residential zone in the coming years. The Zone L is envisioned to be the next area to ease out the space related issue in the city.

Communication Faculties

Two plots of Head Post each of 2500 sq.m. and two plots of Telephone Exchange each of 2500 sq.m. are to be provided. Remote subscriber units within radius of 3 Km each of 300 sq.m. shall also be provided in the sector / scheme at appropriate location.



1. 60% open area with landscaping parks

2. 24 hours power backup

3. 24 hours water supply in each apartment

4. Exclusive club house

5. High speed Lift in each block

6. Huge and spacious balconies

7. Latest fire safety norms

8. Beautifully designed landscaped areas

9. Joggers track and meditation hut

10. Water efficient and rain water harvesting

11. 24 hours security with CCTV surveillance

12. Creche with nurse

13. 24 hours medical emergency with ambulance

14. Library for all age group

15. Wi-Fi enabled area

16. Covered car parking


1. Lawn tennis court
2. Badminton court
3. Club house
4. Gymnasium
5. Dedicated children's play area
6. Amphitheater
7. Swimming pool and kids pool
8. Basket ball court


1-An improved and advanced way of Waste Water Recycling

2-A Mini theatre for entertainment purpose

3-Smart and improved usage of Green Building Idea

Wall Paint Option

We at Officers Boulevard believe that no one can make your home more beautiful than you. You are the best interior decorator for your home. So, here pour ideation is to borrow your imagination to paint your beloved nest. And that is why we offer personal and tailor made option when it comes to the beautification and aesthetic part of your home. You will choose the color, for every room and for every corner of your sweet adobe.

Tree on the name of owner

To support and promote greenery and healthy living we have come up with an innovative idea of allocating one tree to each owner as per his choice so that his feel of connection to not only with the community but also with the environment gets stronger. And this will also ensure a fresh and green surrounding.

Home Automation (Optional)

Although it's an optional facility, but our personal experience says it is one of the top most priorities of every owner, as it concerns their safety and security and ensures a more secure living. To ensure that ultimate level of secure living we install a high quality technologically advanced clock system for every apartment. We also have some specially designed security related option for Home Automation:

1- Access control card and sensors to indicate a break-in. for better fire safety and to prevent any hazard, smoke detector. And through a centralized security system, you will get the update right on your mobile device.

2-Automated door locking system, and high-class security lock with integration with your smartphone.

Solar Based Common area

To ensure backup electricity, and to conserve energy to fight energy crisis incident, we have designed an innovative way of installing "Solar-Tree".

Benefits of Solar Tree

1-Solar trees require very minimum space for setting up and a very minimum investment to start producing electricity with it at a brilliant rate.

2-Usage of green technology ensures conservation of energy and reduction of population.

3-A backup future proof source of electricity, which reduce the dependency on current methods.

4-24 hours of electricity, no power cut because of the usage of solar energy

5-These can be easily used for charging phone and water coolers.

A common area dedicated only for solar trees will only be decided after getting approval from members.

Part of Delhi Smart City L-Zone (Dwarka Ext.)

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